Modular Multi-spindle solution

Designed to create more in less space, and less time!

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A revolutionary solution to future-proof your factory

The MULTI is your innovative modular solution for multi-spindle applications, placed on the tightening station with remote control management via the CONNECT platform. Ideal for reduced floor space and optimized cable management, it can control up to 40 tools, synchronized or not.

A car comes off the production line fully manufactured every 60 seconds. Every second lost in the process means a loss of productivity, and there is a risk of miss operation by colleagues in manual assembly
Production Manager
Motor Vehicle Industry - France

How can I reduce my installation cost?

Keep it simple and flexible

Optimize your total cost of ownership! We help you integrate the best solution for your plant configurations.

  • Extra compact size to minimize station footprint. It can be installed anywhere in your workstation, even mounted onto the machine.
  • Robust and resistant to shocks and vibrations and can even be installed on moving parts.
  • Light cable management to simplify your installation and facilitate maintenance or rebalancing.
  • Connectivity is simple with the CONNECT platform for a station scalable design.

Traceability, a pain point turned into the future…?

"Managing multiple applications is prone to error!". Using the MULTI means:

  • In the event of faulty tightening, the system automatically applies pre-programmed corrective action scenarios: NOK Action Process.
  • Advanced tightening strategies are provided to manage complex applications.
  • The MULTI uses the same CONNECT platform solution as the quality control tools for optimal management.

Unplanned line stoppage is a thing of the past…

We know that reliability, fast maintenance, and responsiveness are vital for optimal uptime on the production line.

  • The MULTI enables users to:
  • Tackle tough environments such as vibration, heat, wetness, and dust on any torque level and related duty cycle time.
  • Be prepared for any part replacement as it can be restarted in 30 seconds.
  • Quickly identify the root cause and stop on the line using the CONNECT maintenance user interface.
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Key facts about the MULTI

  • 0.2 m²


    Less then 1m for 4x10 Spindles

  • Up to 40


    Choose from 1 to 40 spindles

  • 30’

    Fastest restart

    Restart a station unit in 30’

  • 1

    Single Platform

    One common platform to manage all assets

Low cost of ownership

Without MULTI
High cost of ownership

Total traceability, collected tightening data with analysis, reduced floor space

  • 1 power supply, 1 ethernet port,
  • Up to 80% less cables*
  • Up to 60% less footprint*
  • One common maintenance user interface
    One common traceability point

* Figure may change depending on installation

A compact system, easy maintenance, little cable management, and a single point of entry for all your tools, resulting in gained productivity. All tightening data is gathered through the CONNECT for optimum traceability and data analysis. Failures are identified immediately, with parts replaced in 30 seconds.

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An integrated solution by Desoutter

We understand the enormous challenge! Collecting data every day from multiple tightening assets, then training all users on every new system. Repetitive, time-consuming, and an increased risk of error.

The MULTI was specifically designed to become an asset of the CONNECT platform, and in turn, benefit from all its features:
• Multiple asset management to meet specific application needs, such as cordless tools, positioning tools, and digital smart wrenches.
• Easy asset integration with easy pairing solutions, one single software to manage every asset.
• Full traceability and access to data analytics using DeMeter.
CONNECT is a powerful platform to manage all assets related to the assembly line.

Discover more about the Connect
What I like about this product is it’s easy to install, and use, and it is very compact meaning that we can integrate it close to the application. We installed it directly on the head to make everything move together.
Global Tightening Expert
Motor Vehicle Industry - France

Installation should never be an afterthought!

  • Discover Smart Start for MULTI

    An investment was made in a highly technical product, and you want it to be fully operational immediately, right? Benefit from the Smart Start service package for your MULTI and ensure your installation is set up correctly the first time:

    What does Smart Start include?
    Installation, programming, functional tests, tool calibration, station back-up, capability tests, operator training, and production monitoring.

  • Avoid production disruptions and extend the life of your tool by up to 30%

    Discover Tool Care for MULTI
    Safeguard MULTI reliability with our preventive maintenance solution, so you can increase your uptime:
    ● Service plan
    ● Calibration
    Three levels of assistance tailored to your needs: Basic Care, Smart Care, Peace of Mind

  • Get on-site support and training for higher productivity!

    "Discover Production Boost for MULTI
    Customers that use on demand Production Boost services benefit from:
    ● On-site support to help with problem analysis and resolution, and implementation of tightening data analytics.
    ● Expert training on tightening strategies, set-up, and programming, and essential maintenance"

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They trust us

Desoutter’s MULTI system is extremely compact, occupies a small space, and it’s light-weight. In addition to meeting Ford's own standards, its simple maintenance, good cable management, easy integration, easy installation and other advantages compare favorably with similar products on the market. Also, the MULTI is in line with Ford's digital production and intelligent manufacturing development planning needs.
Changan Ford - Power train
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The improvements in speed and accuracy, coupled with the additional benefits of total traceability and improved operator safety, have enabled us to take productivity to the next level.
Tightening manager - Agricultural vehicle manufacture
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Multi-spindle solution
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